CBD Oil – Benefits and Uses

Cannabidiol Oil is the full form of CBD oil. They are known for providing soothing effects. It comes in different forms as in tablets, oils and also lotions. It also comes in a form called “Seltzer” which is a medicinal carbonated water that helps to get better soothing effect in a shorter period.

The oil comes in an old-fashioned bottle with a dropper on it as a lid. The same lid is used to put the drops of oil under the tongue.

Many of us would have heard of THC i.e., tetrahydrocannabinol which is a prime content of cannabis. The disadvantage of THC is that it is addictive like a drug which makes you get high when it is consumed. But consuming CBD reduces the pain and also, it’s not addictive.

How to use CBD Tincture:

CBD tincture is almost the same as CBD oil, except for which it has some added flavouring agents and required tasting oils to make the taste better and extra health benefit. If it is consumed directly, it will definitely taste terribly bad. So, few people add CBD tinctures in cocktails, edibles, beverages also to consume it hassle free.

A person can directly put few drops of this tincture under the tongue through the dropper and can be swallowed after few seconds. If wished, it can be applied on skin also as it has many benefits which can enhance the beauty. Depending on the requirement, one can choose the form of CBD and also the way of consuming it.

Benefits of CBD oil:

As mentioned in the above paragraph, CBD is not addictive like THC. With this point, there are other things that make one to go for this over THC.

  • It is pain relieving –

In earlier years, marijuana was given to people as it used calm them and relieves stress. There is a special system in human body which is called “Endocannabinoid system (ECS)” which helps a person to sleep, feel hungry, and gives a better immune system response. These features are important to a person as without proper sleep or appetite it will be very difficult for a person to lead a happy and healthy life. The CBD helps the person to produce endocannabinoids which reduces the pain and stress.

It also helps to reduce anxiety and depression which leads to be away from insomnia, sexual dysfunction and headache. Once the CBD was tested on animals and it showed a positive response as the animal was no more depressed as it regulates the social behaviour.

  • It helps to keep cancer related symptoms away –

Before, THC was used to keep a cancer patient relieved from the pain he experienced by chemotherapy. Then later when CBD was given it was shown that the pain was lesser. It also helps in symptoms like vomiting and nausea.

  • It helps in control of high blood sugar –

High blood sugar level is also known as “Hyperglycemia” in which the insulin produced won’t be sufficient to digest the sugar level and cholesterol level in the body. In a study it showed that CBD helps to produce the required amount of insulin which makes a person to maintain a healthy sugar level. It also helps in cutting down the extra cholesterol in a person’s body. CBD also magically turns the white bad fat into brown useful fat which helps the body to use glucose.

  • It reduces the acne problem –

We all know that CBD has anti-inflammatory quality. As study once showed that 9-11% of the world population faces acne problem. This may be because of dust, pollution or oily skin. CBD helps in closing excess oil glands on the skin by secreting excessive sebum (it is a yellowish substance which is produced to prevent skin dryness) and using this with the anti-inflammatory quality, the acne problems can be resolved.

Side effects of CBD oil:

Every individual thing will have its own pros and cons. We have already discussed about the pros let’s see few cons of which we should be aware before using CBD.

  • Dry mouth –

Why does one experience dry mouth? It is because the CBD oil restricts the saliva production in the mouth which causes the dry mouth. This is not a serious side effect as you can drink plenty of water or intake fluids.

  • Diarrhea –

The CBD has a serious gastroprotective quality which induces the faster bowel moment. It decreases the levels of gastric juice and increases the blood flow.

  • Lower blood pressure –

This happens only when it is taken in large number of doses. It makes the blood pressure drop which lowers the blood pressure and makes it difficult for the blood circulation.

To sum up with, CBD oil is one of the famous forms of cannabidiol products with high concentrations of cannabidiol. However, you need to have it from original source to get the maximum benefits out of it. You should check out helpful site over here if you are buying CBD oil for the first time. It has equal amount of advantages and disadvantages in it. A person should know the individual capacity of how much he or she can tolerate. Few people can take 4-5 drops in in the given dropper where few can take 9-10. So, one should understand the capacity and intake it with care.