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Your mind health is my passion, my goal

It is crucial to have a proper mind development, proper brain health and a personality that is super strong and healthy. I am here to help with all of that, among other things.

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My services

Child therapy

Here I will have a session or sessions with your child and find all underlying issues and correct them before they have a negative impact on development.

Family sessions

Here you will all come and we will find a hidden problem that can be problematic to you. Yes, we will solve it, together.

Teen therapy

Most teens have some problem or two. My mission is to find all of them, correct them and also prepare them for the future.

Recovery Process

Understanding the process

Step 1

Call me and lets set up a session

Be free to contact me at any given moment and I will try to make you the soonest appointment.


Step 2

Finding the

Every single problem has a solution. My mission is to find it.

Who am I?

Something about me

Hello, my name is Josephine G Scheid and I am a professional psychologist. I have been working in this line of business for over 25 years. This is a good thing because I can simply find the problem you have and help you solve it within days.

  • ‘’healthy mind equals healthy body’’

Most of you think that healthy body is more important than anything else. Partially that is true, but don’t forget about your mind. It must be healthy as well.


Learn from my eBook

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Here is a simple eBook I wrote that should help you find an issue all by yourself and correct it. You can learn from my eBook.


Yes, I have been working with patients who suffer from depression and I was very successful.

What People Say



‘’I was more than just happy with the session and the treatment. We had a great conversation and all my problems were discovered.’’

Veronica J Arthur,

‘’I don’t have anything to say. I am feeling better than ever before and I am, so happy I cannot reveal to you.’’

Jeffrey B Harris,

‘’My child has been using the therapy for over 2 months. He is finally feeling better and the doctor solved many problems.’’

Judith H Olds,

‘’The best doctor ever. We even have fun while I am feeling better and better. Thank you.’’

Kurt T Peer,

‘’We were able to find the issue of my main problem and to correct it within weeks. It is everything possible here and I am thankful.’’

Lucas S McMillen,
Medical technician

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